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Vehicle Website

I used one of the logos I created for an automobile and designed a vehicle website.

Beauty Website

I designed a logo for a beauty product. Aglaea is the Greek word for adornment. I created the 3-D jar in Illustrator.

Danier Website

This exercise was to find an existing website and re-do it to make it easier to navigate. I kept the homepage clean and simple.

Adobe Flash Map

This class assignment was to create an interactive map using Adobe Flash. The map shows various historical sites of Toronto that are said to be haunted. Click image to open map.

Adobe Flash Movie Title

This movie title was created using Adobe Flash. The class assignment was to create an original title for a movie that hadn't been released. The movie, "Love & Mercy" was previewed at the 2014 TIFF festival. Click image to play movie.

Edge Animate Movie

I created this opening banner for my portfolio page using Adobe Edge Animate. Click image on the Home page to see movie.

Edge Animate Ad

This banner advertisement is for the upcoming season premiere of AMC's Walking Dead. It was created using Adobe Edge Animate. See advertisement play on the Home page.